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My name is Jeoffrey Todd Owen. When it came time to sign my first painting I decided jtoddo worked. My first painting was for my Mom. A unique gift, something no one else could give her. I never tried painting. I still really know nothing about it. She loved it. Other people seemed to like it also. So I continued. I enjoyed doing it, and had no goals of selling art or it being seen besides close friends or family.


I do what I do because I love it. It is part of me. I deal with a lot of mental obsticles. It is a war I will never win, but sometimes I win a battle or two. From this I create my art. Bright, cute, fun but at a closer look maybe not as cute or fun as it should be. I wish I had some cool story or deep meaning for what I do. But I can promise you two things. 1. My art is a true extension of me. 2. I really hope you like it, because I do.

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